Reviews from Our First Edition

The Essential Finance Handbook      These are the types of books that South African entrepreneurs should read.

Elizabeth Thabethe

former Deputy Minister of Small Business Development

Finance is the language of business. Financial literacy must therefore be considered one of the cornerstones of building an entrepreneurial business. As an entrepreneur, not investing in developing your own understanding of financial concepts will severely hamper your ability to grow a substantial business. The Essential Finance Handbook for Business Owners gives you a fundamental understanding of financial concepts and principles; outlines the laws that apply to you and your business; and helps you design financial controls that can be implemented in your business. Comprehensive in scope, The Essential Finance Handbook for Business Owners represents a valuable tool and resource for entrepreneurs.

Allon Raiz

CEO of Raizcorp

The Essential Finance Handbook for Business Owners is a great companion for any business person venturing into the lonely but rewarding world of business. There is a place for motivation and encouragement, but Precious addresses that other need; hard cold facts of what every business owner needs to know, especially the finance part. Another positive feature of the book is the step by step approach. The seven steps allow the reader to target the section in which they are specifically interested. Entrepreneurs do not have time, and any book aimed at them ought to be presented in a manner that makes it easier to read in short instalments. This book does that.

Victor Kgomoeswana

author of Africa is Open for Business and guest presenter on CNBC Africa

This book was written so well, and uses very simple terminology. Even my mother could understand it.

Songezo Zibi

previous Editor of Business Day

Starting your own business comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the most vital and first steps in the process, usually involves sound financial planning. But as author, Precious Mvulane explains, few start-up entrepreneurs thoroughly understand their own finances.

Thandi Mavela

BBQ Online

When it comes to owning a business, financial knowledge is power. Don’t become the victim of these common financial mistakes.

Monique Verduyn

Entrepreneur magazine

This is an incredibly useful handbook that every entrepreneur and small business owner should use to help them navigate what is a veritable minefield of compliance and business requirements. It has been phrased in user-friendly laymen’s terms, taking the legal terms into consideration.

Niall Gahan

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship SA

This book is practical, concise, and tackles key concepts that are crucial to the success of a business. It is a must-read as it allows you to understand the financial concepts and application of systems and controls that will allow you to measure the growth of your business. Furthermore, this book can be of immeasurable value for anyone and I would highly recommend it!

Petunia Mthombeni

Smartxhange Incubators

This book is a well-rounded summary of the key essential aspects that are critical to the success of the business as it tackles key areas that are crucial to the day to day running of any business. I would recommend it to anyone, as it has the potential to impart immeasurable value, not only in business but in our everyday lives as well!

Tefo Kgomotso

Transformation Magazine

I find that a big hurdle for small entrepreneurs is getting their head around their finances. The Essential Finance Handbook for Business Owners offers easy to follow steps that remove this hurdle with ease

Suzanne Styles

author and business coach of the Chris and Suzanne Styles Foundation