Failure, pain and rejection is good for you. You should not run away from it rather face it and do everything in your power to ensure you get it daily until you achieve your goal. Look for areas in your life that present opportunity or failure. Just go for it. Just close your eyes and jump on it as long as you know what you want. Go for it.

As human beings, we tend to prefer being comfortable and like feeling great. However, we now know the more you are comfortable and feeling great the greater the chances that you are not achieving the success that you deserve and want.

No pain, no gain old saying. It really applies to all of us. I always say reject rejection as per my mentor, Jack Canfield. Who is next? It is their loss not mine. Move on very fast. Don’t take such rejection as a personal attack. Remember, avoid emotions at all cost in business. They are rejecting your product not you. That’s ok, even if it is you that’s ok too, there is another 50m people in SA.Failure Pain and Rejection

Have great week, do one thing that scares you. One week, reject rejection.