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Precious Mvulane CA(SA), RA


Precious Mvulane CA(SA), RA

Precious Mvulane CA(SA), RA is an award winning business woman, author and content developer. Her expertise lie in finance, compliance and governance. She has 20 years experience in multiple finance roles and has been involved with governance structures for the past 14 years. She is the owner of GAD Consulting Services Inc. Initially an accounting and Tax consultancy which has since evolved into a Training, Publishing and Development organization that aims to educate, empower and enable leaders to achieve organizations objectives. She is also involved in several governance structures in both public and private sector. These entities include national government departments, public entities, state owned entities and professional bodies.

Accomplished you work insane hours a week ago, yet didn't get "anything" done?

This is the absolute most regular expression I get with my customers and my close companions. Try not to stress, you are in good company, so don’t get too frustrated….

The uplifting news is… It doesn’t need to resemble that any longer.

Would you like to make each work day and consistently tally?

Would you like to have additional time aggravate and not worry about errands unendingly while still not making enough pay to help your fantasies?

Great, since that is the place where I come in….

Prepared to scrap all the reasons and get beneficial?


Your life is touchy data, The primary thing we will talk about is our 100% secrecy between you and I. I perceive that a few things are difficult to share, and I don't trifle with that.


We will ensure you are sure about what your vision is for your life, and how you will arrive.

Weekly Organized Calls

Every Week we will jump on a call and examine your earlier weeks execution. We will deconstruct any difficulties and modify them steadily. We at that point explain your objectives for the week.

Precision Objective Setting

Over the initial not many weeks, I will prepare you to set objectives effectively and manage you to pick the most significant targets.

Week by week Diary

You will keep up an organized week by week diary of week diagrams and objectives in Evernote that is shared direct to me.

Quarterly or Semi-Yearly Assessments

On a particular timetable we are diving to deep jump into your reality and root out whatever isn't moving you towards your fantasy life and ensure your objectives line up with your future vision. (in the event that you don't have a dream we will fabricate that as well!)

Here is what you have to contribute:

  • Genuinely: We need a reliable 45 minutes to 1 hour week after week to jump on a call

  • Intellectually: You have to have a receptive outlook and be prepared to learn and adjust to new reasoning

  • Monetarily: You will have to contribute, such will depend on your needs, services required, and time

  • Inwardly: You should cut your dividers down and get straightforward with me every week


We will have a call each week to ensure you are remaining on target and testing yourself. My work isn't done until you realize how to hit your objective reliably...


Quick Self-improvement

In the wake of expenditure 10's of thousands of Rands on self-improvement preparing in the course of the most recent 15 years, I have characterized the correct equation to quickly change how you measure and organize.


Results Arranged

The entirety of our work is intended to pay for itself as fast as could reasonably be expected, and set you up with the apparatuses to accomplish the entirety of your monetary objectives. We will follow results over the long haul to guarantee that you push ahead no matter what.

What Are You Sitting tight For?

Everything in life can change with a basic enabled decision….

I just have an exceptionally predetermined number of spots open right now.

On the off chance that those are filled, I will add you to the stand by list and give whatever number assets as could be allowed until your spot opens back up.

Settle on that choice At this moment.

Add your data beneath and click submit, time won’t stand by.

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