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I started learning about business at the young age of 14 and eventually combined my work experience with a qualification in business finance, when I qualified as a Charter Accountant. I understood the mechanics of business finance but did not understand the psychology around making money. Although I theoretically knew what I was doing, I did not comprehend the effects my money beliefs, the language I used and the associations I had with money, where having on the cash flwo of my business. I had not set any financial goals for my business, instead I was focused on the social impact of my business, coupled with massive emotional attachment to these results.

As a result of this mis-directed energy, my bank balance was not a reflection of the value and contribution I was making. After four years of being in business, I had only managed to accumulate R36.97 in my bank account and a R100k debt on my credit card. In addition, I had already loaned the business R1.2million. This was an all-time low point in my life, things could not get any worse.

I searched for practical solutions to my challenges. Solutions that would work under any circumstance. When I applied these solutions, my business achieved a growth in revenue in excess of 400% within the next 18 months.

What I learned through this experience and helping other entrepreneurs, was as follows:

  • When entrepreneurs make a decision to start a business, they generally have no comprehension of what it takes to build a successful business day by day.
  • They don’t understand that every decision they make in the business has a financial implication, no matter the business function.
  • Entrepreneurs need to understand finance in order to make informed decisions that result in a profitable and sustainable business.

Initially I was frustrated by the fact that I was continuously repeating the same concepts to business people. Over time I began to realize that the overall level of Financial Literacy in SA is very poor. At this point, I pondered what the cheapest way would be to teach these business people. I finally realized that through writing a book about my solution, I would have a more effective way of sharing my knowledge with a broader audience. The Essential Finance Handbook for Entrepreneurs was created out of my personal experience as an entrepreneur.

About GAD, It started out as an Accounting and Tax consultancy, but through these insights, it evolved into a training, publishing and development organization that aims to educate, empower and enable people to achieve economic freedom.

Running a business has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done, yet it has also been the most rewarding experience. The advice and guidance I am providing in all the material I have developed is based on the learned solutions to my mistakes. These solutions have provided both my clients and I great success in our various business endeavours.

Through this journey, I am now able to help entrepreneurs understand how finance and the economy work together. I provide them with a clear decision-making process form them to follow in order to realize their financial goals in terms of money in the bank. Our current education system does not teach business skills in an integrated manner, as an example I believe one cannot teach business controls without understanding goals, objectives, risks, costs and benefits. In the same way, one cannot teach human resources without a full understanding of operations and marketing. All aspects of business are interlinked and interdependent.

To date, I have been privileged to share this training with more than one thousand five hundred entrepreneurs in the past 5 years.

I am also active in numerous governance structures in the public sector where I generally serve on numerous independent audit committees, while chairing four of them. I am a mother of three children, a wife and an award-winning businesswoman.

I hope you’ll purchase a copy of one of these powerful business tools (the book and/or the various course options) in order to apply these great principles to your business and achieve similar success.