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Precious Mvulane CA (SA), RA is an award winning business woman, author and content developer. Her expertise lie in finance, compliance and governance. Precious has 20 years’ experience in multiple finance roles and has been involved with governance structures for the past 14 years. She is the owner of GAD Consulting Services Inc. initially an Accounting and Tax consultancy which has since evolved into a Training, Publishing and Development organization that aims to educate, empower and enable leaders to achieve organization objectives. She is also involved in several governance structures in both public and private sector. These entities include national government departments, public entities, state owned entities and professional bodies.


For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs tend to build businesses around a specific skill or passion. They don’t realise that, as part of the package, they also have to become a sales, marketing, admin and accounting expert.

Entrepreneurship in South Africa has the highest business failure rate in the world, with around 9 of 10 new businesses failing within the first 3 years. One of the key reasons for this excessively high failure rate is that entrepreneurs don’t have the right finance structures, processes and controls in place from the start.  This handbook could be just what is needed to change their potential for success in business and – quite possibly – even their lives!

The Essential Finance Handbook For Entrepreneurs is filled with over 200 best-practice strategies for small businesses as well as principals, tips, case studies, templates (more than 30), tools, checklists and action plans to make sure entrepreneurs can implement all you have learned quickly and effectively.


The Finance Success Program integrates Finance with the other core business functions like operations, sales, marketing, public relations, human resources, etc. The aim of this approach is to show that finance and money are the reward for doing well in all of these business functions. In conclusion, every decision you make in business has financial implications.